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WOMAN -­ The most beautiful, gentle, and gorgeous part of the world!


We believe that every woman is created as a unique, gorgeous, and fragrant flower and she reaches her complete beauty by meeting her Creator, dedicating herself and her life to Him, unfolding, constantly growing up and finding herself in Him.

It is so special when women support each other and value their unity and friendship. When women come to a meeting, they worship God, they submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit and forget about the daily routine, rush, and trivia. It is incredibly enjoyable. They are like a field of wavy, fragrant, never ending beauty and different flowers. Each of them is unique by color, shape, and fragrance. Each of them has her own character, abilities, tasks, and call.


Because of the above mentioned for some time, we have women’s ministry in our church. Its purpose is to help every beloved daughter of God to never feel alone in her problems and struggles but to understand the complete will of God concerning her life, personality, uniqueness, and calling. By supporting and helping in hard times we are doing a lot of good works in the social life of our country.

We study and discuss God’s Word; we pray and seek His face and the presence of Holy Spirit.


Women’s ministry offers:

  • Women’s meetings,

  • Small groups,

  • Camps and outings.

There is something special about MEN!


There is a specially important role that every man has in saving the world. There is a desire in every man’s heart to be a real man, to be necessary, true, effective, successful. To bring salvation! Real manhood is found in a man’s heart, his essence and it is always a pleasure to meet such a man.

God has given an absolutely faultless and precise personification of the Word. It is the Lord Jesus who came as a man thus showing us a perfect example of what it means to be a real man!

Real manhood is to be like Christ, which is our goal!

The purpose of men’s ministry is to help follow the only One who is worthy to be the example of a real man leaving behind yesterday’s concepts, fears, cowardice, sins, and complexes so that we also might become the men that God intended us to be!


It is exciting to see how God’s work increases and manifests in men’s lives. We need it so much because we are men who want to live worthy. We want to become men who take responsibility, conquer, reach influence, never give up and never give in. We want to be men with strong characters and harmonious lives. Men with soft hearts and hard foreheads. Fearless to stand up for truth. Bold to preach the Gospel everywhere.

It is time for men to stand up and be renewed united in worship, fellowship, spiritual warfare, and radical preaching of the Word.


Therefore men’s ministry offers:

  • Men’s meetings,

  • Small groups,

  • Camps and outings „Fathers and sons” with sports activities and fellowship.



"Yesu En Nesar Ministry" seeks to
equip, enable, and lead men & women by:

SERVING the Churches who already have a strong Men's and Women’s Ministry and helping Churches who want to begin and
build growing Men's and Women’s Ministries.

ENCOURAGING Men and Women in your Church to bring unchurched and non-Christian Men and Women to a personal relationship with Christ and His Church, disciplining them, and equipping them to become disciples.

PROMOTING Ministry that will equip Men & Women to reach out and meet the unique needs of other Man & Women in the name of Christ.

PROVIDING Churches with Bible-based spiritual growth and discipleship resources, leadership training, and the structure of networking that will strengthen, enrich, and equip Men's and Women’s Ministries across the India and beyond.

Why Have a Men's and Women’s Ministry?

1. To help churches grow numerically and spiritually.

2. To help Men and Women feel accepted when they join your church.

3. To open the door to meaningful relationships.

4. To encourage Men and Women to discover and develop their spiritual gifts.

5. To minister to today’s Men and Woman.

6. To provide vision and networking for both in-reach and outreach ministries.

7. To offer “Men-to-Men” & “Woman-to-Woman” understanding.

8. To offer “Men-to-Men” & “Woman-to-Woman” lay counseling.

9. To encourage spiritually older Men and Women to mentor (teach) spiritually     younger Men and Women.

10. To follow Jesus’ example of ministry to and with Men and Women.

11. To help Men and Women fight spiritual battles.

12. To affect families as Men's & Women’s lives are drawn closer to Christ.

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