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The name "Yesu En Nesar" is from Tamil (Tamil is a Dravidian language predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India) which means "My Beloved Jesus ". Yesu En Nesar Church is a wonderful heaven for anyone looking for a place of joy, love, and fulfillment. Every Sunday our church is filled with people, just like you, who come every Sunday finding a place to learn and grow spiritually. For the past seventeen years as the pastor of this great church, I have watched God do many amazing things in the lives of multitudes.


Yesu En Nesar Church is a large and friendly family where people with various backgrounds, religious experiences, and different characters are united by the love of Christ, shared future, and desire to live a true Christian life. My family and I are dedicated to the cause and people of this wonderful church. I believe there is a no more precious place on earth where genuine people are seeking to serve a genuine God. Our Lord is continuing to honor that desire by abundantly blessing the ministries and family of our church.


Yesu En Nesar Church can be categorized as a „Pentecostal” church influenced by Reformation. Its services are attended by people from all denominations who believe that there is only one Living God and one Word of God the Bible. As for the teaching, the church is leaning on the inerrant and absolute authority of the word of God, the Bible, and fully accepts all universally recognized truths and values of the Christian faith. Dogmatically the foundation of our faith is invariably traditional and shared with brothers in traditional denominations. The church does not stress its denominational affiliation and, leaving aside the insignificant differences, puts its emphasis on the shared, precious, and unchangeable foundations which unite all Christians and churches.


“Yesu En Nesar” is a people’s church which has always been close to its nation and taken part in its afflictions. It strives to unite the yesterday’s misfortunate, representatives of intelligence, and today’s fighters for the economic and political prosperity of our nation. People who come to church meetings on regular basis say about the church: “It’s like a family, my second home.” We would love to have you in one of our services very soon as our honored guest.


Pastor S. Selvakumar Born & Raised in Tanjore, Tamilnadu, with a loving family. Obedience to God’s call made him a founder of "Yesu En Nesar Church" in Pondicherry in the year 1998.


He has experienced great extremes in his life. His long and winding journey from nothing to the founder of  ''Yesu En Nesar'' has helped shape him into an engaging speaker with whom audiences the world over can identify. He is passionate about seeing the people of Pondicherry transformed by the Word of God and making heaven more crowded! Thousands of believers are getting healed and gained miracles by Pr. S. Selvakumar in the name of Jesus.


Today he is the senior pastor of "Yesu En Nesar Church" in Pondicherry, India. He’s excited to help people discover their worth and to walk in God’s amazing purpose for their lives, through a growing faith in Jesus Christ.  And he is very familiar among Christians in Pondicherry, because God blessed him to tell prophecy to people and to heal people from sickness and from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. He loves to pray for Global Salvation day and night.


His personal journey in growing closer to God uncovers disciplines that were critical to that journey and invites each of us to ignite an authentic relationship with God. Also his practical biblical teaching, his visionary leadership, and his passion for helping people coming to know Christ, getting planted in God's house, and becoming transformational leaders who work together to spread Jesus throughout major areas.


Today, Pastor S. Selvakumar is an energetic speaker with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church-oriented people but also to those who aren’t religious. His spontaneous, lively humor and down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life engages and brings hope and meaning to hearts from every kind of background.






We hold our Core Values close to us. Everything we do is based off of these core values.

  • We preach grace not guilt

  • Reach the lost and broken

  • Love everyone

  • Follow the teachings of Jesus

  • Pray, pray, and pray some more

  • Fellowship with each other

  • Show mercy to those who need it

  • Go beyond the church walls

  • Give God the glory

  • Leave the judgment up to God



Reach the lost and broken

Our mission is simply to reach the lost and broken, wherever they may be.

Pray and Worship

Center and anchor everything we do with prayer.

Grow as a Church

We strive to grow together as a church. Fellowship and growing together through God.



  • 10.00 am - 01.00 pm Service

  • 06.00 pm - 08.00 pm Service

  • 02.00 am - 04.00 am Sunday School


Our services are open to everybody. After the service, we have both Sunday school classes for children and for teenagers.


The order of Sunday service

  • Praise and thanksgiving ­

  • Information

  • Testimonies

  • Worship

  • Preaching the Word

  • Prayers

  • Love Feast


For your information

The partaking of the Holy Communion takes place every First Sunday of every month.

Every Sunday after the service, volunteers are welcome to serve Love Feast.

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